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 Preserve and Protect the Qualities and Character of Sammamish



 My vision for Sammamish is a community of neighborhoods that work together to form a city. We are a mosaic collection of neighborhoods. Together we are a top ranked city in which to live. My vision is to continue to have quality neighborhoods with beautiful amenities. 


Community Character

I'm your Candidate. I will support the citizens of Sammamish by;

  • Neighborhood Character : I will vote on code amendments and design standards that hold developers' feet to the fire, meaning we need to enforce our codes and regulations to get what we want. Developers want to build so let's get their best.
  • Environment: I will advocate for protecting and preserving the streams and lakes, open spaces, parks, strong storm-water standards, the new tree ordinance, and to restore the wildlife corridors. 
  • Infrastructure; I will stand firm on the need to balance infrastructure with development. I believe we need to improve the city infrastructure before large tracts of land are developed.


Who am I?

I am a husband, father, teacher, coach, counselor, friend, and a favorite uncle.

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Mayor Christie Malchow

Councilmember Tom Hornish

Councilmember Chris Ross

Councilmember Karen Moran

Former Councilmember Tom and Ruth ODell 

Wally Pereyra

Jerry Norman

KC Thompson

Denise Darnell

Veronique Silverman

Sharon Steinbis

Sharon Freechtl

Diane & Brian Lawson

Patrick & Barbara Daniels

Harry & Clarabell Shedd

Sandy Hargraves

Nancy & Chris Anderson

Stacey Gibson Vandell

Cheryl Hooper

Kimberly Siegel Wolf

Saleh & Mahshid Daneshoo

Stephanie Rudat

Ken Gamblin

Karen Herring

Dennis Crane

Debbie Treen

Nick Whitfield and Teri Pietromonaco 

Patrick Husting  

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